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1230000310338 - Bill Fawcett, David Drake: The Fleet - Libro

Bill Fawcett, David Drake (?):

The Fleet (2011) (?)

Entrega de: AlemaniaNuevo libroe-Book, eBook, libro digitalproducto para descarga digital

1230000310338 (?)

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THE FLEET-In the far reaches of space they are mankind's last line of defense against hostile alien forces. THEY ARE PLEDGED TO PROTECT US ALL Mankind has taken one step too far and exploring the galaxy-and has run up against the Khalia, vicious weasel-like carnivores whose culture is totally different from our own. They see other sentient beings as prey-AS MEAT! They take no prisoners. Ever. Just the occasional slave who will never see his homeworld again. It is up to the brave men and women of The Fleet to keep their home planets safe. THIS IS THEIR STORY Meet the men and women of The Fleet. Terry English, eyewitness to the brutal Khalian raid (by Janet Morris) Hansing, a brain ship, and B'grah, a Hruban commando whose duty it is to outwit the Khalians on an occupied world (by Anne McCaffrey ) Gino Deledda, whose body has been modified to fit an alien world (by Poul Anderso) Captain John Roberts, who must go into the infamous club of Thrity-Nine Buttons to reclaim one of the most decorated war heroes (by Margaret Weis) Captain Coax, whose rescue mission turns up a human trator(by David Drake) and others, to fight to protect mankind. THE FLEET-MANKIND'S LAST LINE OF DEFENSE Featuring stories by: David Drake, Anne McCaffrey, Poul Anderson, E. Gary Gygax, Janet Morris, Steve Perry, Margaret Weis, John Brunner, Robert Sheckley, Jody Lynn Nye, Bill Fawcett
Categoría: Sci Fi & Fantasy
Palabras clave: The Fleet Bill Fawcett, David Drake High Tech & Military Sci-Fi Sci Fi & Fantasy 1230000310336
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