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1230000310345 - Bill Fawcett, David Drake: The Fleet - Libro

Bill Fawcett, David Drake (?):

The Fleet (2013) (?)

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1230000310345 (?)

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They've tasted the blood of defeat-Now the brave men and women of The Fleet live only for victory! The Fleet-Pledged to Protect Us All! World-crushing war rages between the human/alien Alliance and the predatory Khalians. Led by courageous pilots and marines from all corners of the galaxy, the Alliance Fleet retaliates with blinding force to reclaim conquered worlds, repell invading forces, and destroy enemy strongholds. But a ruthless Khalian counter-attack backed with new, more powerful weapons slows the Fleet's advance to a mutually slaughterous stalemate. Only a decisive victory can break the deadlock. For the men and women of the Fleet, it's now or never. it's time to do or die! It's time to BREAK THROUGH! The third book in this exciting SF military series includes stories by David Drake, Bill Fawcett, Christopher Stasheff, Larry Niven, E. Gary Gygax, Janny Wurts, Diane Duane, Steve Perry, Jody Lynn Nye, Janet Morris, Robert Sheckley, S.N. Lewitt, Karen Haber and Peter Morwood. Inside The Fleet Book 3-Breakthrough Larry Niven & David Drake-"The Murder of Halley's Comet" Khalian plotters destroy Halley's comet not knowing that they are pawns an even greater conspiracy! Diane Duane & Peter Morwood- "Long Shot" Roj Malin, Lieutenant Commander is about to experience what it's like to work with a brain ship! Janet Morris-"Bad Luck" Space Marines with X weapons fight two deadly foes, the Khalians and the man in charge of their mission! E. Gary Gygax-"Battle Off Dead Star 31" For the first time Khalian dreadnoughts appear and threaten to change the tide of war! . and other stories of the fleet by Christopher Stasheff, Jodi Lyn Nye, Steve Perry Janny Wurts, Robert Sheckley S.N. Lewitt, Karen Haber Bill Fawcett and David Drake Praise for The Fleet: "Should have strong appeal for military SF fans. the great strength of the volume is in the quality work of the contributors." - Booklist
Categoría: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Palabras clave: The Fleet Bill Fawcett, David Drake High Tech & Military Sci-Fi Science Fiction & Fantasy 1230000310340
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