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1230000311960 - E. Phillips Oppenheim: The Way of These Women - Libro

E. Phillips Oppenheim (?):

The Way of These Women (2015) (?)

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1230000311960 (?)

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Wealthy playwright and playboy Jermyn Annerley is smitten by the beautiful and talented actress Sybil Cluley. She is the toast of London, a raging succcess, with all the world at her feet. But her life is devoted to the care of her young sister who has been ill, but is now blossoming. At Jermyn's country estate, Sybil runs into Lord Lakenham, a roguish playboy who is equally in love with her, but also knows something of her past. Jermyn proposes, much to the chagrin of his lovely cousin Lucille, who has had her eye on him for many years. Lakenham and Lucille conspire to end the engagement. Sybil is broken hearted, but puts her sister's welfare above her own. Then Lakenham is murdered in the billiard room. A romance has become a murder mystery. Did Sybil murder Lakenham to cover up her past? Did Jermyn murder him to eliminate a rival? Will Lucille conquer? Will Sybil find love? Excellent descriptions of Edwardian society, the role of the theater, the social position of actors, and the "country house" routine. Very much an "upper class" romance, with some scathingly ***ist, racist, and out-dated prejudices.
Categoría: Fiction & Literature
Palabras clave: The Way of These Women E. Phillips Oppenheim Classics Fiction & Literature 1230000311964
Datos de 31/08/2015 23:10h


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